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All businesses must use the suggested third-party monitoring service to have business reviews posted directly to No review is ever posted by business or customer directly to This is how assures all the reviews come directly from the business and are written by actual customers that have used the business’s services or products.

No One Ever Pays or is Paid For Reviews was purposely set up so any review that is posted to our site has never been monetized in any way, shape or form. You will find review sites that make money from the business paying them for a review and even review sites that charge a members fee to read reviews. WE NEVER CHARGE ANYONE ANY MONEY FOR THE REVIEW POSTED TO PRECHECK.ORG!

Our goal is to make online business reviews legitimate so you can get the real scoop on a business you are looking for. Our service is unique and we want only quality businesses from a variety of industries, such as auto repair shops, dentists, salons, restaurants, bars, doctors, attorneys, plumbers, shopping, entertainment and many more businesses and service companies.